My 2nd Day - 02 July, Thursday- The daily diary game by steemit | Red and green leaves

Hello Steem Community,

Hope all you are well.

This is my 2nd day of the daily diary game by steemit. Thank you @toufiq777 to invite me in the daily dairy game.

My name is Jahid from Parbatpur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh. I am a student of Parbatpur Polytechnic School & College.

I wake up in the morning and eat breakfast. Then my brother and I sat down to read. When the reading is over, the two of us go out to play We play football. After playing football for 1-2 hours, we take a bath in the pond. Then, I come home and eat fresh lunch. Then, I went out with the camera to take pictures. Today I took a picture of a red leaf.



Thank you so much.


Thanks to sharing your 2nd the daily diary game post.

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Nice post my friend. Keep going but if possible try to give more information about your daily life,just give post about what you do,how you spend your day like that.

Hope i see hear your huge posts hear. Best of luck my friend.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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