The Diary Game – 5 July 2020

Hello! A lot of my day was uneventful, but the end of it was really fun! Recruited by @cmp2020

My Day

Since I stayed up rather late the previous night, I woke up around 11:30am. Going downstairs, I continued to read the special-edition issue of Entertainment Weekly on Game of Thrones. Before I could finish, I watched my virtual church service with my parents. After the service, I worked on the diary entry for July 4th. Then, I finally finished the magazine. So many interesting fun facts!

I then took a lovely two-hour nap (I love naps). When I woke up, I started decorating with stickers my new laptop case which had arrived earlier in the day. I also ordered some new stickers on Etsy and Redbubble. I then had dinner (tacos). Oh, and by the way, today was our “rest” day for the workout challenge.

At 8pm, @cmp2020 picked me up to go star/moon-gazing. We went to a nearby park. We got to see the sun set and the stars come out. There were also lots of fireflies and some people were setting off fireworks. The moon didn’t truly come out until around 10:30pm (though we realized it was probably visible before then if we had been in a different location). We got some really nice pictures (below)!

When I got home, I watched an episode of Boy Meets World before going to bed.

A panoramic view when the sun began to set.
The sky when the sun was down.
The sky a few minutes later.
Some of the first visible stars (part of The Big Dipper).
The Big Dipper
The Little Dipper
The Big Dipper (from Christopher's camera)
The moon rising.
A closeup picture of the moon that I got on Christopher's camera.

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