The Diary Game – 2 July 2020

This is my diary entry for yesterday. Once again, I’ll mention that I was recruited by @cmp2020. Also, apologies in advance for not having any of my own pictures. I’ll need to remember to take some throughout my day. Hopefully there will be more pictures in my next diary!


My Day

I woke up around 7am but was definitely not ready to actually get up. So, I went back to sleep until my alarm woke me up at 9:30am with quite a start. Let me just say, I haven’t used an alarm since I had online classes for school (back in May). Also, alarms have always jolted me awake, making my heart race a bit as soon as I awake.

Anyway, after waking up and actually getting out of bed, I went downstairs and had a bowl of Lucky Charms. I also played some games on my phone: Nonogram, Sudoku (picture from Pixabay), and Spider Solitaire (each of which has “daily challenges” which I have been regularly completing throughout quarantine).

I sat on my couch and pet one of my cats (Django). I also did some preparation things for college (just filling out some forms, nothing that interesting). Then I had to vacuum the family room and the eating area. Vacuuming isn’t that bad, but it definitely freaks out my cats. Poor guys. After doing that bit of cleaning, I did some online shopping for things I will need/use at college in the fall.

Around noon, I woke up my sister so that we could do day two of the Chloe Ting workout challenge. This day’s workout had three parts: full-body and then two abs/core workouts. I was definitely feeling a bit sore form the first day of the challenge, but I pushed through to complete the second day. My dad joined me and my sister for the two ab workout videos. These exercises are definitely a challenge, but it feels good to exercise again. We’ll see how the rest of the program goes!

Anyway, after taking a shower, I prepared for recording this week’s entry to Music For Steem. I’ll admit that I wasn’t very familiar with the song before performing it, so I had to listen to it a ton of times. But I think it turned out really well (though I guess we’ll see about that!).

@cmp2020 came over at 3pm to record our song. For a while, we just rehearsed without doing official recording takes. We finally started recording, and it honestly didn’t take too long to get a good take. After recording, we looked through a Disney music book and played a fair number of them for fun (and to find next week’s Music For Steem selection…). I would say I had the easier job of singing because I already know all of the songs whereas Christopher had to sight-read music accompaniment (which he still did a great job of doing). Having run through many songs, we discussed the possibility of recording more songs to post on Steemit just for fun and not part of a competition. There’s just so many songs!

Having finished recording, Christopher and I then went to my basement to begin the final season of Game of Thrones. I know there has been a lot of criticism for the final season of the show, but I was still looking forward to it. Plus, I know that I’m not too harsh of a critic when it comes to TV shows and movies. I would say that I find most things that I’ve watched entertaining and satisfying. But there was definitely a lot at stake for this season of the pop-culture phenomenon. Obviously, I didn’t have to wait two years like the original fans, but there was certainly a lot of anticipation.

Jon Snow Funko Pop Pixabay

We ended up watching three episodes: “Winterfell,” “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” and “The Long Night.” Honestly, I enjoyed all of these episodes very much. I know there was specifically a lot of criticism over the third episode (details which I won’t discuss here due to spoilers), and, while I agree with some of the points made by critics, I still thought that it was a very well-made, intense, and entertaining episode.

But enough about Game of Thrones (for now). My family ordered take-out from a local Chinese restaurant. I had General Tso’s Chicken. Christopher and I ate while watching the third episode of Game of Thrones. Instead of continuing watching Game of Thrones, I decided that so much had happened in those three episodes (particularly “The Long Night”) that I didn’t want to watch the next episode. I still needed to process everything that had happened (and there was definitely a lot that happened). Therefore, Christopher and I ended up watching a few reruns of The Big Bang Theory and The Office.

Christopher left around 11pm, after which I began writing my diary entry (though I didn’t finish it at that time). Christopher and I ended up talking briefly on the app Houseparty and played some of the games that the app offers (called “Word Racer” and “Trivia”). That was fun. After ending the call, I did my night-time routine of taking medicine, brushing my teeth, etc. My sister was still awake (it was around midnight), and we ended up talking briefly before I went to bed.

A Follow-Up On My First Entry

One of my friends on Steem @jmor suggested that I share photos of my organization system for my school papers, and I thought that it was a good idea. I originally intended to include pictures and explanations in this diary post, but I didn’t get around to taking the pictures yet, so I’ll try to include this in my July 3rd entry (or possibly as a stand-alone post).


I watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory with my parents all the time. Love that show! I don't understand why it gets so much hate.

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