The Diary Game – 1 July 2020 – My First Entry

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Hello to wherever you are in the world! I have been meaning to join in the Diary Game in some time now but have procrastinated (and been somewhat busy). But today’s the day that I finally join for real!

I was recruited by @cmp2020. He told me that it would be a good way to post frequently, to make some money, and to keep a (digital and public) diary.

My Day

I’ve been meaning to clean my room for some time now (it’s quite a mess), and I began the process yesterday. I continued with that ordeal today by going through all of my school work from this past academic year.

As soon as I got up, I had a Pop-Tart (brown sugar cinnamon) and got to work. I typically keep all of my papers (notes, homework, assessments, etc.) from the year for all of my classes and go through them at the end of the year to figure out what to recycle and what may be useful for future classes (or may simply be interesting). I took lots of classes my senior year (studio art, AP Music Theory, creative writing, AP Calculus, choir, AP Government, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, and AP English), and most of them had lots of paper handouts. After emptying out folders and binders full of papers, I made a pile of papers to recycle and of papers to store. I have a bin with hanging file folders in which I keep a lot of my old papers (actually, from all of high school!).

I also went through all of the notebooks that I used this year. Out of the four notebooks that I used this year, only one was used close to completely (the calculus notebook—solving problems takes up a lot of room). For one of the 3-subject notebooks, I ripped out some of the pages so that there are two unused sections. I stored the partially-used notebooks to use later. I find it a waste to either throw away the notebooks or just put them in a bin when they still have plenty of useable paper.

Here is one of the mixes

While going through my school work, I listened to some music mixes that my dad had made for me for various years of birthdays. They always have a wide variety of music.

Having done enough cleaning for the day, I then changed into athletic wear to do a workout with my sister. I had agreed to do a 2-week long workout program by Chloe Ting with my sister, and today was the first day of workouts. We’re doing the 2-Week Shred Challenge. It was definitely tiring, but it felt good to exercise again. Since lockdown started back in March, I haven’t maintained a workout regimen (or even worked out much at all). I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow. My sister and I went for a walk after doing the guided workouts and cool-down. It was nice to spend time with her, and she told me about one of the classes she took last year.

When we got back home, my sister took a shower first, so I decided to watch an episode of Boy Meets World which is on Disney+. I really enjoy this show. I decided to watch it after watching the Disney Channel show Girl Meets World which follows the daughter of the 90s show’s protagonist. I love the show Girl Meets World, so I figured that I would enjoy its predecessor, as well. And I was right. The shows are both very entertaining with well-developed and relatable characters and are about children growing up during the middle and high school years (and college in Boy Meets World). They both teach valuable life lessons, and I would honestly say that Girl Meets World helped to shape me as a person.

Anyway, enough of my unsponsored endorsement of Disney shows. After watching an episode, I took a shower. I went back downstairs and sat on the couch to write this diary entry. I’ll be eating dinner soon, and I’ll probably watch an episode of Stargirl with my parents. And later tonight, I plan to play Minecraft with @cmp2020.

That’s all for my first entry in the Diary Games! Thanks for reading!


Glad you finally joined The Diary Game, Emma! First off, good taste in pop tart flavor choice. Just a friendly suggestion, I think you should try to incorporate more pictures from your day into future entries. I know you are a very neat and organized person and would have been interested in seeing how your old high school notes, papers, and other materials are stored. I recently started working out too because of lockdown. Is your sister planning to come back to the Penn State UP campus for the fall semester?

Thanks for the suggestion! I'll add it to my diary entry tomorrow. My sister is going back to PSU because she had already leased an apartment (and she'd like to live in the apartment if she's going to pay for it).

We look forward to your Music for Steem entry too!! :) Hope you are doing well girl!

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Hola como estas un día muy interesante y sabes que la música siempre es relajante para las actividades que uno realiza. Un placer conocerte

¡Mucho gusto! Gracias por su comentario. Estoy de acuerdo que la música siempre es relajante. ¡A mí me encanto música! (Lo siento por mi español. Tomé la clase de español por seis años pero hay un rato desde hablé porque el año de escuela terminé hace más de dos meses.)

Welcome to dairy game my friend. Hope we see lot of dairy posts from you.

Listening mixed music really give good relaxation and give moral strength too.

Have a Nice Day my friend.

Take care of you.

Greetings from India!

Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope you have a nice day, as well. Happy diary writing!

Your welcome my friend

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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