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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 96 - Community Curators and the STEEM POD

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first of all, thanks for the opportunity we had to support Steemians in different ways. @steemingcurators was born during the split because we felt the urge to help you out and to let the Steemit community know that there are still users who care and have faith in Steem. We stood up, despite all the negativity, harassment and threats.

We tried to keep the community engaged with challenges, a new discord with 150 unique people, and all things we could think of to keep users on Steemit. This was even before The Diary game saw the light..

With the unfortunate event of the C-virus, our personal life got hugely affected and the time we were planning on putting in our projects (steemingcurators And Musicforsteem), got drastically but temporarily cut in small pieces.
The upvotes we get from you are incredibly generous and we like to thank you. But it's not a guaranteed income, I think you can acknowledge that. I wouldn't sleep if I know I had to rely on that to feed my kids.

Its correct. In the 40 days that we are curators from the Steem community curation project we haven't received any feedback, except comments that stated we do a great job. No guidelines, no clear direction, no nothing. We were dying to work WITH you to achieve those goals.

Those goals and directions are at your office. My feedback is to share this vision with your team, and those included the curators. If your deckhands don't know the direction of the ship, you as a captain will have a hard time getting it in the right direction.

Of course, we are massively disappointed, as all our intentions where good. This feels like a punishment. I never ever ever punish my employees. Definitely not when I know I failed in my communication. I have no clue on what fact you made these decisions. Now we can only guess.


Sorry @ciska, we missed this.

Our small team struggles to keep up with the now thousands of comments and notifications we receive each day.

The main problem we have is that we have very limited resources, particularly in terms of delegation accounts. This is never enough to fulfil all the requests we continually receive.

We have to work with what we have, and have to be constantly evolving and adapting to what goes on around us.

The Diary Game has proved to be enormously popular and enormously successful in recruiting new people to Steem. Something we believe everyone will agree is badly needed.

The challenge now is how best to most effectively harness this great new influx of people, talent and enthusiasm to the widest benefit of Steem.

Our current strategy and structure is largely focused on the Country Representatives.

We are just beginning to unlock the full potential of this.

This week's winner of Music For Steem is one small example of this potential.

We are very thankful for all you have been doing with SteemCurators.

We have purposefully avoided giving any guidance, direction or interference in what you do as we have want it to develop through community interference.

You have been doing a great job !

Thank you again from The Steemit Team

Thank you for sharing your thought and outlooks towards this platform. Will be looking forward in any interests we're about to share. Keep it up and God Bless.


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