winners never quit and quitters never wine. The 100days of steem my first post.

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winners never quit and quitters never wine.

I started my journey on the steem blockchain 3year ago. With no investment but just a dream that one day I will make my first withdraw I took me 3 moth of hard work with out anything withdrawable on my steemit account than T there come the bullrun. A time where the steem coins where much more expensive.

I made my first withdraw which I told everyone around about . They to got extremely excited about this great opportunity to start making money online with steemit.

I with a few friends of mine come together to create steemit community in Uganda.
A powered up Ugandan community since then I been part of the blockchain revolution in Uganda. I have supported different blockchain project. Even though I have not made one bitcoin, I have never stopped posting but bitcoin on my social media platforms.

I have never thought of quieting steem even though I don't get the support some time.

l have never taken on moth without posting on the blockchain.

winners never quit and quitters never wine.


Welcome back to Steem.

Hope to see more Diary Game posts from you soon.

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