100 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game. Day 5 - 06/21/2020

Hi, everyone!

This day was amazing! There are a lot of photos in this post!!!


I had ordinary morning. I read introductory information about tthe course of medition. Then I practiced to play on my Ukulele. Then on the afternoon we went to Los Caños de Meca, it's situated in the very heart of the Costa de la Luz in a small town of Barbate. There are two greate beaches and Trafalgar Lighthouse between them.


It took about two hours to get there by car. (140 km)



On this photo you can see Africa. It's near the Strait of Gibraltar, channel connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean.


Trafalgar Lighthouse has 34 meters high and since 1860 it has been protecting local sailors from the dangers of the sea.


This place was stained with blood in 1805 because of the Battle of Trafalgar. I wrote a bit about this battle in the last post, however I want to tell you that it was the one of the largest naval battles in recent memory. Commander Nelson with a fleet of 27 ships fought the Franco-Spanish fleet and the result was about 449 dead British compared to the 3243 dead on the other side. So, it's one of the greatest military defeats in the history of Spain. photo_2020-06-22_19-09-50.jpg


Also the sunsets at Cabo Trafalgar Lighthouse are world famous. However, we didn't have possibility to see the sunset there, because we had my small sister and she wanted to eat and sleep.


Many thanks to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this nice activity #the100daysofsteem or #thediarygame


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