#the100dayproject Day 6: Watercolor chickadee

in the100dayproject •  9 months ago


Someone posted this photo of a chickadee to one of the watercolor groups I'm in, asking people to paint it, and I just couldn't resist this fat little bird! So for day 6 I decided to try my hand at it. I was pretty pleased with the way this one turned out. Its definitely my best attempt at a bird so far. Here's the original photo a used for reference:






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so cute art. there is no short paint. so beautiful


thank you! :)

nice work on that one!👍

So nice bird!!! It's an excellent work, I love it ^_^

omg so beautiful. fantastic watercolor work.

So beautiful omg, actually follow you and reesteem <3


thank you so much!

What type of pen do you use to lay down your outline?

Very cute painting. Painting feathers is always tough. You did a nice job at it here.


thank you! I just use sharpie for now...they're the only pens I have that don't bleed when I add the watercolor. There are better waterproof pens out there, but I plan on investing in better paints and brushes before I upgrade my pens :)


Gotcha. I appreciate the info and advice! Have a great day.

I wanted to take part I wish I have time to do this everyday


You should! do it at your own pace if you want, just make it a goal to do 100 pieces of art total, even if that takes much longer than 100 days :) I'm never opposed to breaking the rules! ;)