THE DIARY GAME : 2nd AUGUST, 2020: Day 2 Gym

Hi guys

It's your favorite steemian that's trying to lose weight and get fit.

I woke up today around 7:30 am, took my bath wore my shirt and head to church. This was my first time attending a church since the pandemic hit the world. The service was short and all members observed social distance all measures was put in place to ensure the safety of all.

The service ended around 9:30 am. I headed home change into a more subtle clothes and head to where I gym.


I did my regular program with the help of a friend. We motivated each other to push past our limits.

The gym session lasted for about an hour before I received a call from bae that she's back.

I dropped everything to get to her as I was with the key. We had a heated discussion that made us more open but connected.
. shortly after, I head out to get my hair cut and decided to come with.

Trust me her coming cost me so money 💰 as she demand for BBQ fish for the stress
I had no option but to obliged to her request.

Well that's that about that

Thanks guys
Hope u come back to read tomorrow...

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