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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 9 - The Shopping Game & Lucky 10s - doubling up for the rest of July

I am really short of words and don't know the kind of adjectives to use to thank you. I'm grateful to the love, passion, dedication and motivations Steemit Team are offering for us, this is a great advocacy you are embarking on. Really, if the shopping game and the Lucky $10 Steem are doubled is sounds great rewards for us that most of us would try as much as possible to play daily. I will try as much as possible to comment every day to get my Lucky $20 Steem from @steemcurator01 upvotes. Thanks a lot. My pleasure :)


Just to clarify, the Lucky 10 votes are still for $10 but we will be giving out up to 20 each day instead of 10 until July 31st.

Enjoy the Games!

Thanks so much for the clarification!

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