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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Curation Experiment - SteemCurator For A Day...

Fantastic idea! This is great. Then maybe we will see more diverse posts on the trending page with this initiative.
I have a suggestion on the topic to be cover, maybe Creative writing(poem, fictions story,etc ) & spirituality/philosophy. Current Affairs & Politics is great too.

We will reserve the right not to vote on any of the posts if there is any indication of abuse or obvious favoritism, or if they have used bid-bots or delegated voting services.

this is a very thoughtful consideration..nice one


If it works well, we might double up and run two Curators each day to cover more topics.

Sure we could think up 14 subject areas.

The Steemit Team

Its also good idea to enable two topics each day

quality Gaming Review/post, and also Travel Post in the near future when travel restrictions lifted up post covid 19 . Hope others come with more ideas for the subject areas so more steemian coming up with great topics to write on steemit.
Curators should make sure these posts are steemexclusive/ not yet been published at any similar platform or some sort of recycling post, And of course, abide by the proof of brain concept.

@cryptokanon please my Achievement 5 post on newcomercummunity has not been upvoted

Hi @okoyejoshua

Please take some time to read your Achievement 5 post, I have left my comment on 13/09 to comply with the requirement, then on 15/09 I left my follow-up comment, please visit your post,comply with the requirement so that you can proceed to ht next task.


hello @cryptokannon I would love to see different Fiction stories as they would make people Go inside the Scene while thinking of it also spirituality /philosophy will promote different Traditions of different countries and indeed it would be more benefitial :)

You know that now that I think about it, a category of "FAMILY" would also be good, especially at this time.

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