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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 23 - Get to know your Country Representatives

We are happy to have the steemit t-shirt and share our photos/videos wearing it with you all steemian. Thank you for the appreciation gesture The Steemit Team. Now the dance challenge while wearing the steemit t-shirt is about to begin. No excuse for all Country Representative, you all must accept the dance challenge and we compile it to one video and make it viral 😆😁


Great idea for a dance challenge !

Country Represenatives... will you rise the Dance Challenge ?

Best dance wins an extra upvote...


I would totally make a dance video for a t-shirt!!!!!!

@openmindedtravel haha let's go! We have to think of the song for it and the dance that everyone can do so everyone can participate 😄

TikTok has taught us all that anything that involves rhythm and music is valid. ;-)

I have an idea. We will were that T-shirt and arrange our own favourite sports . Then shot some picture and film it.

@tarpan what sport? football? you and @toufiq777 must join us dancing, don't worry it would be easy to follow dance, something like Oppa Gangnam style dance haha😁

Any sports. Different country people love different sports. They play their sports and celebrates them their own way.

The dance challenge is a very good and welcomed idea, you are doing well.

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