The App That Reduces Your Carbon Footprint Through Gaming

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Huffington Post and Observer just included #GreenKarma in its latest #Green and #Ethical checklist 🤩🙌💚🌏🌳

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"The App That Reduces Your Carbon Footprint Through Gaming"

There are countless ways we can work to reduce our carbon footprint: jumping on our bikes instead of in our car, cutting our meat intake, not flying for a year… but there’s one really fun way to offset our carbon load while receiving some #Bitcoin and #Ethereum in a built-in crypto-wallet. A gaming app called Green Karma.

#GreenKarma is a gamified carbon-offset platform that launched in January 2020. The only #carbon - offset game powered by crypto-currency, it supports a variety of green projects. The larger the app gets (the more people sign up), the more significant those #environmental contributions will be.

So, how does it work exactly? You download the Green Karma app from Google Play, and you’ll have a range of tasks to complete as well as minigames to play, treasure chests to open and wheels to spin for added rewards.

As you advance, you collect #CO2 cards, which have a host of information on a range of CO2 projects. When you offset, through the cards or Phoneum tokens, you get rewards, in the form of #PHT crypto tokens and major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and #Tron, which you can redeem to offset carbon reduction projects, like Amazon rainforest conservation, solar, wind, and biomass energy generation and removing plastic from oceans. Store your cryptocurrency in the app’s built-in crypto wallet. Saving the planet has never been so enjoyable.

The game is free to play but those who are keen can purchase in-app items to advance faster. Players who manage to reduce 100kgs of CO2 will receive a carbon offset certificate in their name.

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