Changing payout structure from 75/25 to 25/75 will fix all problems. Steem price will go up. 1SBD will = 1USD. People will curate manually. Bid bots won't be profitable but investors will stay on blockchain and gain more

... And minnows will earn less then nothing while the investors will become richer then ever.
Those that delegated all their SP to bots wont be bothered at all with rewarding quality or digging through pages and pages of posts, they already once took the easy road, and you expect them not to take it again?
Theyl just upvote themselves or another account with high SP and consistently high payouts...
Congratz Steem is dead within months.

Changing the payout structure is a really bad idea. It would incentivize more spam, since a great post you make cant earn anything in that system. Therr just isnt enough large accounts to spread any of their VP around and most of those that have SP to influence something dont have any kind of altruistic need to help out others or care if this platform fails or suceeds. If they did they wouldnt delegate all their SP to bots.
People think @freedom is the only one that is like that but the majority of whales simply dont care. That wont change one bit if you change the 75/25 to 25/75


Nothing will fix all problems, there are alway two sides of a coin.
I believe Steem will go to 10 USD 2018/2019 if SMT works.

$10 by 2019? Weve already been to $8 in january of this year 2018! I see $100 steem, by 2019!

Here is the inflation rate for ne4xt ten years thanks to @banjo by @inertia in

YearSupplyInflationNew Supply

hah there will never been be 1 billion steem tokens! It will be so scarce and limited! Most people will never save the steem they earn they'll power it down and sell so only the smart people will scoop up all the steem just like they did with bitcoin!

we got the power!

I don't know more about the universe.

So the content creators get less than the curators? Sounds a bit much like Youtube where the platform (youtube) Gets the majority of the flow.

People who are curating right now are philanthropist, when you sell your votes to bot you can make 6 times more. Everyday we have more power downs then power ups, because investors are taking their profit away which is very bad for Steem price

which is good for the rest

I understand, but I wasnt talking about bots.

That's very insightful. I agree entirely. There is currently almost zero incentive to seek out quality posts.
Much easier and more lucrative to delegate to bidbots. Make Curation Great Again.

So, I've been trying to explain this newfangled contraption to people for nearly two years. I was often met with blank stares and threats of the police being called if I didn't leave (they left the door open so I thought it was okay to just walk in and start talking).

I refuse to give up though and I'm happy to report some good news. After many failed attempts, I showed them that diagram you drew up there on the board.

It was magical. They understood almost instantaneously.

I've explained a few more things using my own diagram:
NoNamesLeftToUse - Simple Diagram.jpeg

And I expect to see them here within a week.

Good job, team!

P.S. I'm joking. Keep up the good work.


The diagram shows how Steemit works.

Steem in the middle with the witness nodes. DTube outside based on Steem.

The lines are the cash flow.

SMT are not to see, they would build a new circle outside Steem. A sidechain.
I'm not sure but I think the sidechain needs thier own nodes.

F&*king hilarious! LOL!!

That'll be my big post for the day, I guess. I'm not sure if the guy even knows there's quite a few of us out there enjoying the place, trying to have fun. I once asked him, "Who took all the names?" That was an ask me anything post.

Not every one has a time to spend their life in different kind of chat applications such as telegrams, discords... What about to just start using YOUR platform, put updates to steemit?

There is definitely too many of these apps. I don't mean it's bad there's a diversity of them, but everybody uses one (maybe two) and it's always different than what I do xD

@ned, thanks for all you are doing. Shall check out the telegram.

Is Telegram not controlled by Facebook?
Why Telegram when you have discord and
Not to mention steemit itself.

I joined. Hope to see you on there again soon.

You're not on discord?

Thanks for sharing @ned, i just joined the group.

Why Telegram, when we have a great social platform built on STEEM?

I joined am @lovelymkylie.

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