How to maintain your health

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Health is a blessing from God's many blessings on us, which enable man to live a normal life and enable him to enjoy his life. Man must maintain his health by avoiding all influences that cause harm and harm to his health, such as cold and cold, Prevention of many diseases and pests, as well as the practice of some bad habits that lead to the destruction of health. Health is a condition in which a person is free of diseases and problems that affect his body, including physical, mental, psychological and social health, and a person can not feel peace and rest without health, which includes his safety from diseases, recovery from diseases after they occur and disposal Of them finally. Human is not just a body, it has many aspects that help it to reach balance and natural integration with life and with itself, there is the physical side, which includes all human senses, which makes it interact with the outside and influenced by the color, touch and taste, in addition to internal organs and controls His ability to work and production, and the psychological aspect, which is the expression of the emotions and feelings and emotions that emanate from the human with the outside world or with himself, and the mental aspect, which includes the ideas and beliefs of the human, which controls the ability of the person to accept himself and look at them positively, Which expresses human creativity and goals from life and its relationship to God. A person can maintain his or her health in all its forms by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. It does not deal with foods that cause harm to his health and impede his physical and mental development. He must maintain all the food needed for him, adhere to the food pyramid, and exercise in all its forms and types. The most important things that help the person to maintain his health and prevent him from some health and psychological problems, because healthy sports prevent physical problems and emotions, and get enough rest on a daily basis and sleep for hours enough to make him feel comfortable and relieve him To protect him from physical problems, and to preserve the cleanliness of the person to prevent him from falling into physical health problems as well as spiritual and psychological, and away from all bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol and drugs, so that these things will eliminate human health and all aspects, With any unhealthy offer, until he or she is given the necessary treatment.

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