I got hacked but not refunded

in the-hack •  3 years ago 

One month ago I was one of the victims of the hack. Someone hacked my account and stole my STEEMs and SBDs. You can look @gets wallet and see that it was one of the hacker's accounts because @stellabelle was one of the victims.

It's not much of money but they promised to refund hacked accounts. They didn't refund mine. I asked this by e-mail and they promised to look. It was two weeks ago.

4 weeks ago Transfer 0.160 SBD to gets
4 weeks ago Start power down of 282241.998664 VESTS
4 weeks ago Transfer 28.592 STEEM to bittrex 60a0909f7d334a7797e

Let's just say that even though I don't get my stolen STEEMs and SBDs back I will still be on Steemit because I belive Steemit's future.

Now I will write something more useful for you. :)

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