An Evening To Remember

in thatmoment •  4 months ago

This ain't the third time, is it? Has the charm finally passed? Let's hope not.

Fear again. We'd think we were over this by now. Round one goes - completely separate. Then round two - four leaders. Then your group.

First out again - a fourth repeat when it's finally time.

Unclear of what's happening as it all begins, but you run with it anyway. This was how everything went, so in a way it's no surprise by now.

Sometimes, we feel like giving up. We've done enough, we say to ourselves. We did what we came to do. What more do we have to prove? But life is daily - we have to daily do what we need to do and at no moment do we become master. These seconds remind us of this truth - we are only what we have been in the last few seconds - nothing more, nothing less.

The fourth finishes.

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