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The World is Standing by as History Repeats Itself.

This is a tragedy of the highest order. I know folks are celebrating a Holiday where some very thoughtful Native Americans fed some illegal aliens but I would like to draw some attention to Standing Rock, SD.

Follow Payu Vane Lead Developer of Mazacoin Who is On Site at Standing Rock.

Ignoring Tragedy does not Make it Go Away!

This Thanksgiving it would be wonderful if the American people turned their attention to the Sioux nation. The fascist government is in league with the oil companies. We have seen the same happen in the Middle East, now the USA is turning its guns on its own people. This is not going to end well.

Show support for Standing Rock by sharing images, memes and news to draw attention to the situation. Enough is enough already.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Coming to a home town near you.

As like everywhere,ts so sad that its our own police force or military who are doing the oppression.I saw in the news before that some police decided to take the tribe' side and left?

It is unconscionable, evil. The police are acting like mercenaries.....not protectors of the people or constitution.

The problem comes down to, the govern-cement is force.
They will always escalate until the other side gives in.
To not do so means the end of govern-cement (at least to them).

What we will see in about a generation is a move to something like a protectorate. (At a minimum, changing the name from controlling-people to protecting-people will be a huge step in mental focus)

We live in a police state. And as such, the police will be used as the pointy end of politics. There is already so many laws, that you are guilty of at least 3 felonies every day. You just haven't been caught yet. In the next year we are going to see a change to govern-cement. More transparency, more honesty, smaller/more local/more responsive. We will see a complete overturning of THE LAW. (THE LAW is evil, it is not what you think. The law, that law abiding citizens follow is a completely different thing, and as such, THE LAW needs to go away, and the law needs to actually be worked out.)

So, sadly I must say, we are going to see a lot more strife. Keep pointing out politician's wrong doings. This is a time for truth.

It is people like Donald Trump that cause these problems, all they care about is making money, nothing else! Our own president elect is a million dollar investor in this pipeline, so the people should insist Trump divest himself of this project if he wants to be president!

I am no Trump fan, but this has been going on for months. Where is Obama? Fascism is fascism whether it is the future president or the current one.

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I do not really know what is going on here. I did work in the oil fields for a while in Williston. I did think it would be better if the oil were turned to product locally but I do know that pipelines are all over the United States. What exactly is the problem? Is it just the pipeline? Doesn't the tribe get paid for this? The world needs oil. Somehow the tribe should be able to profit greatly from this.

Note: I have lived on several reservations, Commanche, there is a Paiute Reservation on the east side of my fence. I see the problems: what is the solution? The real solution?

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Anyways, Done now. Cheers man you're an integral part of STEEM. :)

It's so shameful. Sending lots of love to those who defend the Earth and basic human rights. Thanks for bringing more attention to it. Particularly loved the Obama pardoning meme....what a joke. Where is substantive action on a day like this? I feel like if there were ever a flashpoint to really wake some people up and rattle some apathetic minds into consciousness, Standing Rock is it. Keep fighting the good fight.

Here's my take on it all, this doesn't need to happen.....And this is what the problem is, and what nobody understands. The indians live on a reservation, but they have a treaty right? What that treaty really is, is a blank check. All they have to do is get every leader together and endorse the back of it and their property will be restored. Here's the and i know they can't agree on one thing so they won't come together as a group and endorse the back of any trety. Heck here in Ny the Iriquois have killed each other because of the price of gas and cigarettes for crying out loud. All they need to do is have a big meeting somewhere's, every tribal leader and get their treaties signed by each other and elect one man to lead the show for the benefit of all of them. Why do you think crazy horse and you name the leader could lead a bunch of different tribes into war, it's because of getting one thing done as a group, but i digress. As for the people who's protesting, they don't know that their actually being unruly and they are seen as a hindrance because of the way they are handling the situation. Why would anyone be suprised that the police would use force? That's what they are good at, but truth be known it's luck that hold them back from killing every one of them. It's kind of like a bunch of kids running around throwing temper tantrams and then the parents kicking the piss out of them and putting them back in line, that's just an example i will use. Another thing...people want cheap gas and oil and the obvious thing to do and most effecient way to get the oil to where it can be transformed into usable product is going through a pipeline in bulk. You know how many train and truck accidents they have had recently that haul oil out of the oil fields so this is what they came up with. Someone will have to explain how much water will be poisoned by putting in a pipeline, because unless there is a spill or leak how could it poison the water? They have to complete the thought, which that logic doesn't do for me at least. I live in an area where there's miles and miles of natural gas lines and in the last 30 years i have not heard of any blowing out, matter in fact they just put a 20 inch one in that goes to buffalo from watkins glen in a few years ago and you wouldn't even know where that one is unless you seen them bury it. But i digress, everyone that wants to have a reason to be needed will jump on the bandwagon for the sake of being needed. All the while they send garbage to dumps by the truckload contaminating not only the land that the dump surrounds but all of the roads and land it has to pass over from where it comes from and is hauled to, but nobody blinks an eye about that. They haul garbage from NYC to western Ny every day and it's over 300 miles from where they pick up to where the dump is, so if you want something to jump up and down about why don't you start with that? You won't but that's okay. I just wanted to put my two cents in so maybe people can look at this whole thing as it can be taken care of without all of the problems and it can be a simple fix if done right. I'll leave you with this "Make today Great".

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