**Thanks to the Steemit community**

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Good day everyone! I want to start by saying that I am new to this site and demands a very warm welcome(smiles).! I have always been a person who like to motivate others through stories, jokes, and good deeds all my life. i write lots of stories and also have lots of books including novels and working on (not yet finished). I have been trying to find a genuine platform where I can encourage and people and also share my stories. It hasn't been easy. I tried twitter which is effective but gives you few lines to share your stories. Facebook is interesting but it adds no real value to me only when i want to chat with my friends. After a really long search, I finally got here which I believe will be the bus-stop to my search. When i first got across Steemit.com I thought it was too good to be true. There security level was intact and they still pay you when you share your stories, most importantly it is very matured and not really crowded like other social media sites, which means it is more than just a social media site. When I went through there Faq, I screamed wow! I love this. I tried to signup but I had to wait for almost to weeks to be approved, which even made it more interesting. I like testing my patience sometimes, as good things never comes just like that. So i had to wait, and now here I am, and I want to thank the steemit management for providing a real matured and genuine platform like this which will further enable me share my stories even better. And I also want to use this opportunity to really introduce myself and and really make real connection to everyone here. I look forward to reading, voting and commenting on your posts and I really demand same from you. Once again, thank you so much to everyone at steemit and I am really grateful for being part of the steemit family.

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