Thailand helping to monitor Monkeypox... *sigh*

in #thailand3 months ago

I think I am with most people when I say that I want the world just shut up with the pandemic talk and when they found out about monkeypox, if it is even real, they probably should have just kept it to themselves. After more than 2 years of Covid stuff, most or not all of which didn't really even accomplish anything, the last thing we want to hear is that governments are gearing up to help us all survive another one. Yet here we are and the Thai government is going their part!


To make matters even worse Thailand has also said that they are working on a monkeypox test that will be administered to all arrivals at airports. This is coming just as we were getting a little bit excited as the country had scrapped PCR testing for vaccinated arrivals.

I don't know if monkeypox is real or if it is something to be worried about or not. I do know that the entire world is extremely tired of dealing with this and I think most of us would rather just have a virus spread around the world like the plague and kill a ton of people than attempt to live in a world where the government is trying to make sure that nobody ever gets sick. If the last 2 years have taught me anything it would be that the government isn't very good at it because all of their plans to prevent the spread of Covid failed miserably on a global scale so they clearly aren't very good at it.

According to the Bangkok Post, they have already started "monkeypox screening" at the main Bangkok international airport. Things were just starting to look up as far as perhaps an increase in tourism was concerned but this screening better be extremely minor because the people are already tired of being treated like cattle.

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