Grace's Irish Pub Krabi: Gotta be honest, it kinda sucks

in thailand •  14 days ago

Get handed a menu and then get told that almost all of th tings on the menu are not available. Maybe that is how it is supposed to be in Ireland but i doubt it


Guinness = no
Cider= no
anything that even closely resembles a pug in the U.K. = no
anyone who is not asian working there = no
wooden floors = no

How is this an irish pub? I dont want to be mean to people but there is absolutely nothing "irish" or really even anything about this place. it doesn't make sense to me that it is named what it is. I think at the minimum you have to have Guinness on tap if you are going to call yourself an Irish Pub.


I can honestly say that I think this might be the worst place in Krabi.... do not go here.

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Agreed. Guinness as a minimum. You were at the Irish Embassy recently and how do they compare? Obviously this is a total failure and can't be called an Irish Pub. How disappointing and a waste of time. One to miss and never return.


Irish Embassy is proper... this place (Grace's) is a joke... they are the epitome of people that use a catchphrase to get customers and don't deliver.

Ouch the worst place... They need to re think their setup to make it more "irish"
It is kinds kinda disappointing to know there is nothing irish at all about the pub.