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RE: How To Exchange 10 Altcoins Into Thai Baht?

in #thailand6 years ago (edited)

This works @lucylin, I have done it with Litecoin from Coinbase and also from SBD to Litecoin, all on this website I mention and withdrew on 2 different Thai banks. All 10 altcoins would work if you have any of them. The ideal thing would be that they add SBD, if we all request it maybe they will do it?

Part 2 & 3 coming, have all screenshots.


I have litecoin in my exodus wallet - so that would be ok too?

I'll sign up tomorrow, using your link! ( a bit of something for you)

I'll await your link, but this is the best news !

I have Exodus too. Any Litecoin wallet will work just fine. Just posted part 2.

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