Do you like Thai food?

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Today I'd like to show you some Thai food we had for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Bangkok close to our home. 

Do you like Thai food?

I do and I'd better to because I live in Thailand. I can eat almost everything that is not spicy and that's what you see in the photos. My wife had the very spicy sea-food dish. 

Fried pork Thai style.

Fried rice with crab.

Fried chicken and Jasmine rice.

Very spicy sea-food mix.

Shrimp pancakes with sweet sauce.

Don't be afraid you can't eat all because they will put the left overs in containers so you don't waste your food and can enjoy it at home.

My daughter had a double chocolate ice-cream and we drank water. The total cost was $27 and we have left overs for tomorrow!

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Michel Gerard


wow Good Food i like Pancake

@gmichelbkk Hi, my sidekick . I could not view the blog post, but I'm sure it's a ideal blog post again. It's good to follow you. You share some ideal things. I'm going to view it now. I'm looking forward to the next one. bye bye my sidekick

Thank you for your comment.

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