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I am very happy to introduce you all to Ang Pao. She is 15 months old and today is her first day at the nursery.




The backpack from yesterday


Let us back up a bit.... Over a year ago I had the idea to build a school with a part of the crypto I earn on Steemit.

I like the idea to do something good for a complete stranger and a school would have an impact on many young people lives and would be a gift which would have kept giving.

After some research and a call with @buttcoins, who had some experience in this area, I realized I am not ready to do this yet and decided to start a bit smaller.

So I settled to sponsor school/kindergarden for 1 year for a child.

The search begun and it was harder than I thought. But with the help of my girlfriend and friends we got in contact with Ang Pao`s parents.

They run a woodshop and she is hanging around there the whole day. I think she will have a better time now and the parents can focus on work.

already making friends


She will have a lot of fun activities, gets breakfast and lunch at school and hopefully will already learn a lot.


checking out the toys


This is 100% financed through Steem and my efforts on Steemit

I am not posting this to blow my own horn (maybe a little bit as I am kind of proud) but furthermore to show you a real life example what Steemit can allow you to do. Remember that I am a middle aged dum dum, so when I can do this...there is no excuse for you.

While with 15 months she is a little too young to earn her own Steem, my success and the bullrun of 2017 allowed me to do something like this and hopefully this is just the start as the idea of building a school is still in my head.

And this is just one of many stories... People have build houses, bought medicine or school books through their efforts here. Others were flying minnows to Steemfest and there are probably a thousand more stories I dont know about.

Community is an, if not the most important asset of a blockchain

And despite there always seems to be drama we have a great one.


Full circle! Time fly’s when your steeming on!
This is really cool @flipstar you should be proud😎

I really am :-)

stupid smile on my face the whole day as well

Hui dank deines letzten Posts habe ich das hier entdeckt und bin sehr beeindruckt und ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir
$rewarding 100%

The reward of this comment goes 100 % to the author flipstar. This is done by setting the beneficiaries of this comment to 100 %.

danke dir :-) hab mir den post gerade nochmal durchgelesen und muss sagen war immer noch eine gute Entscheidung auch wenn das Geld jetzt erheblich mehr erscheint.

Hats off to you man. And your girlfriend as well.
Fingers crossed for a quick and significant rise of Steemprice so your dream to build that school can come true.
Respect!!! (and Resteem).

Thx :-)

I just want to build a school and a private island...I dont think that is too much to ask :-)

You're absolutely right man; being modest is an art. ;)

oh i missed this post, awesome effort flippy!

$rewarding 100%

thank you :-)

The reward of this comment goes 100 % to the author flipstar. This is done by setting the beneficiaries of this comment to 100 %.

Heck yes!
You are making a difference. Kudos.

Great story @flipstar and the Ang Pao is a very cute child and you are doing a noble cause for her, well done!

She is very cute indeed.

You totally deserve to blow your own horn for this!! This is a wonderful story, and especially worth sharing outside of Steemit.

Greetings from Chiang Mai!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

thank you :-)

Greeting back from Phuket.

There seem to be a lot of Steemians in Chiang Main

Ja, at least passing through. Actually staying is not a great idea at the moment, with the bad air quality. I have two more months here :)

Wow you have a big heart. Keep up your great work.

will try :-)

Can’t wait until Steem goes up again!
Such a beautiful story!

same here :-)

That’s what our community is all about and I will keep going and going .....


let us hope so :-)

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