A taste of the power of Steem

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I am very happy to introduce you all to Ang Pao. She is 15 months old and today is her first day at the nursery.




The backpack from yesterday


Let us back up a bit.... Over a year ago I had the idea to build a school with a part of the crypto I earn on Steemit.

I like the idea to do something good for a complete stranger and a school would have an impact on many young people lives and would be a gift which would have kept giving.

After some research and a call with @buttcoins, who had some experience in this area, I realized I am not ready to do this yet and decided to start a bit smaller.

So I settled to sponsor school/kindergarden for 1 year for a child.

The search begun and it was harder than I thought. But with the help of my girlfriend and friends we got in contact with Ang Pao`s parents.

They run a woodshop and she is hanging around there the whole day. I think she will have a better time now and the parents can focus on work.

already making friends


She will have a lot of fun activities, gets breakfast and lunch at school and hopefully will already learn a lot.


checking out the toys


This is 100% financed through Steem and my efforts on Steemit

I am not posting this to blow my own horn (maybe a little bit as I am kind of proud) but furthermore to show you a real life example what Steemit can allow you to do. Remember that I am a middle aged dum dum, so when I can do this...there is no excuse for you.

While with 15 months she is a little too young to earn her own Steem, my success and the bullrun of 2017 allowed me to do something like this and hopefully this is just the start as the idea of building a school is still in my head.

And this is just one of many stories... People have build houses, bought medicine or school books through their efforts here. Others were flying minnows to Steemfest and there are probably a thousand more stories I dont know about.

Community is an, if not the most important asset of a blockchain

And despite there always seems to be drama we have a great one.


Full circle! Time fly’s when your steeming on!
This is really cool @flipstar you should be proud😎

I really am :-)

stupid smile on my face the whole day as well

Hui dank deines letzten Posts habe ich das hier entdeckt und bin sehr beeindruckt und ich ziehe meinen Hut vor dir
$rewarding 100%

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danke dir :-) hab mir den post gerade nochmal durchgelesen und muss sagen war immer noch eine gute Entscheidung auch wenn das Geld jetzt erheblich mehr erscheint.

Hats off to you man. And your girlfriend as well.
Fingers crossed for a quick and significant rise of Steemprice so your dream to build that school can come true.
Respect!!! (and Resteem).

Thx :-)

I just want to build a school and a private island...I dont think that is too much to ask :-)

You're absolutely right man; being modest is an art. ;)

oh i missed this post, awesome effort flippy!

$rewarding 100%

thank you :-)

The reward of this comment goes 100 % to the author flipstar. This is done by setting the beneficiaries of this comment to 100 %.

Heck yes!
You are making a difference. Kudos.

Great story @flipstar and the Ang Pao is a very cute child and you are doing a noble cause for her, well done!

She is very cute indeed.

You totally deserve to blow your own horn for this!! This is a wonderful story, and especially worth sharing outside of Steemit.

Greetings from Chiang Mai!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

thank you :-)

Greeting back from Phuket.

There seem to be a lot of Steemians in Chiang Main

Ja, at least passing through. Actually staying is not a great idea at the moment, with the bad air quality. I have two more months here :)

Wow you have a big heart. Keep up your great work.

will try :-)

Can’t wait until Steem goes up again!
Such a beautiful story!

same here :-)

That’s what our community is all about and I will keep going and going .....


let us hope so :-)

Schön!...und inspirierend. Resteem.

inspirierend ist gut :-)


Deine Aktion ist gut!

Ich hoffe auf Nachahmer :-)

God bless you Sir, you are setting a good example to others on what steem can do to uplift and support other's lives.
May more Prosperity, Abundance, and all the good things come more to you @flipstar

Thank you Sir :-)

I think you are a shiny example for Steemit yourself and I wish you the same and more


Great job brother. So much love!

Magnificent @flipstar I love that you didnt abandon your idea, but scaled it to fit what's possible now. Ang Pao is gorgeous and this post celebrates the decentralised personally-responsible community steemit is all about! Much love from Chiang Mai and gratitude for raising my sprits today. 💚

I think I abandoned enough ideas in my life and this was a good one. It is rare I have those :-)

She is really cute and hopefully next time I can get her to smile but today was probably very exciting for her with all the new people.

Love well in Phuket received and sending some to Chiang Mai :-)

That's very inspiring !
I am sure Ang pao will love it there :)

I really hope so. But it seems like she is enjoying her first day

Ich sag´s nochmal. Good Boy flipstar!! Respekt

Very cool. Hast du super gemacht. A clear resteem.

Danke dir :-)

Congratulations on this @flipstar. This is giving me ideas to do something along this lines.

I am sure you can make them happen

Yah, thank you.

Sehr cool, wie du mit Hilfe von hier deine positiven Fußspuren in unserer Welt hinterlässt :)

Ein Grund warum ich mich trotz meinem Gemeckere manchmal, mich doch irgendwie sehr wohl hier fühle.

Was sich liebt, das neckt sich ;)

What an amazing endeavor.... glad to know my upvotes are actually a little more than just that.

And as far as other Amazing Steemit stories, I think the Steem Community should pat itself on the back for all the love and support it has shown @cryptopie who has used crypto including Steem to better his health.

Steem is Evolutionary!!!!

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I try to put them to good use :-)

I was thinking about @cryptopie as well and I remember posts from schools who were buying books with the rewards etc.

There is a lot of good going on

So true @flipstar plus a lot of people are also using Steem to help themselves and others in Venezuela... ultimately I believe the Steem Community is probably the best Crypto-community when it comes to empowering the masses!!

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I feel so as well which makes it sometimes frustrating as well.

My friend, what you are accomplishing for tjat little girl via Steem and Crypto is Amazing and the future... look past some of negs as I see an amazing person using an Amazing tool provided for all us to make a better place of this World as you are now—-

Full Steem Ahead @flipstar 👊🏼👍🏼💯🚀🙏🏽✌🏽😎

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I appricate that a lot

All reason to be proud!! My girlfriend and I (resp age 49 and 56) both went for career only and now sometimes look at eachother to give something back to the world as well, like you do. But there is still time.

I hope you find soemthing. Atm I feel great about myself and happy I somehow went through with my plan even when it is only the "small" version of it.

Start today so you can see and enjoy a bit of what you are building

Das ist richtig richtig cool! Ich hätte ebenso mal versucht über Steemit Charity Sachen zu machen, aber leider ist mir dann wer abgesprungen... Also solltest du mal wieder was machen und Hilfe benötigen, würde ich mich bei Zeit gerne irgendwie anschließen. Für sowas bin ich nämlich gern zu haben!

das war aber nicht ich oder??

Zu der Hilfe möchte ich später noch was sagen aber eigentlich ist es imo im moment am effektivsten wenn jeder sein eigenes Süppchen braut.

:-D nein das warst nicht du. Aber ich sag auch nicht wer. Ist nicht so wichtig. Ich hab das ad acta gelegt. Schade aber auch, denn ich bin da anderer Meinung. Ich würd mich nämlich sehr gerne mit Leuten zusammentun, die gemeinsam im Rahmen ihrer Fähigkeiten was Tolles auf die Beine stellen. Sei es gemeinsam Filme zu brisanten Themen machen, Posten, ein Gesamtkonzept erstellen, ja eine Kampagne usw. und dann mit den Einnahmen was Größeres zu schaffen. Mal schauen... ganz abgeschrieben hab ich das definitiv noch nicht. Zurzeit muss ich mich eh mehr auf mich konzentrieren, aber ein wenig Zeit und Energie wär ich schon bereit trotzdem zu investieren.

It is amazing, Hopefully what you do can be a motivation for others to do it as well like you.

I really hope so. You can start yourself as well :-)

A month ago I had tried something useful for the public, I had posted it on Steemit, with the hope that people would be moved to help, because I did not have the strength to help him alone ...But I did not get any response from people who had excess..

I just hope that when I have excess assets I can helping it, hopefully it can be useful for the public interest ...

I can understand that this can be very frustrating.

I did it the other way around. I just posted regardless anything and put some SBD or STeem away till I could fullfill my goal.

I also want to say this is the way to go because you probably wont make the money you need on one post regardless how noble your cause is.

At the end it is something you want to do, so it should be worth working for it

What do you think if we try to raise funds for something that will be used for the public interest or for something that has goodness, such as helping meet the needs of the poor who need attention ... is this something we deserve to do on this platform?

When I can't do it alone, maybe I can try to raise it from other people in the hope that we can do it together ...

What do you think @flipstar, please explain what I should do to achieve this noble goal?

Cool thing to do! You have every right to be proud!

Thank you :-)

These are the stories I like to see in the morning. Thank you. And, fantastic achievement.

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Hopefully there will be more and even better morning stories to come :-)

Thank you

You're quite welcome. Not to mention, I'm following you now, so hopefully that should fix that. LOL

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Sehr bewegender Beitrag! Gratulation zu dieser großartigen Tat! 💪🏼

Vielen Dank!

wow! this is incredible an than you for being kind. the world needs more of you

You clearly dont know me :-)

thank you though


Man tut was man kann

@flipstar Good work and good social think always being appreciated by people
Steemit giving royal life to live for good work

as I said I hope this is just the start

Awesome and empowering post :) thanks for all the good work

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Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

I hope this will look tiny in a couple of years

Speechless !!! hat's off @flipstar :) You are the rockstar !!!

I can party like a rockstar

This is a beautiful amazing story!!! Super inspiring! Is it possible to visit the school? I'm living in Chiang Mai for a while!

Yes. The school is called Chalong International.

I am not sure if they let you see everything if you dont have any real business there though to keep the kids save but in general you can drive by etc

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that is nice

Great idea, a very nice farang example for the Thais!
Greetings from Pattaya to Phuket 💝

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Thx :-)

Greetings back from Phuket to Pattaya :-)

One of the easiest resteems I've ever done...

one of the easiest thank yous in my life :-)

*Steem :)

Super Aktion!

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gerade geändert. Steemit zu schreiben war sogar eine bewusste Tat...aber Ja es wahr ja eigentlich Steem.

omg no way ! Did you really do this? That's soooo cooool....Am I allowed how much did it cost, to put her in the school for those 15 mionths?

And when it comes to building a school - it's also a dream of mine :) No joke..if you ever start with the project, just let me know haha, you never know where I'll be in life in that moment aaand I would maybe feel like joining the project would be a right thing to do :) Resteemed

She is 15 month and the school is paid for for 12 month.

It was around 3000$ if I remember correctly.

I will defintly let you know as I assume I need all the help I can get :-)

Thx for the resteem :-)

3k $ das ist in der Tat sportlich ;-) Respekt mein Lieber.

Kam mir damals weniger vor als jetzt :-)

Family and mostly children are the sun for our lives and what we leave behind. Nurturing them with love and teaching them good and positive things will make the world a better place. And as the world evolves, the children can be the fuel for the future and unimaginable evolution.

DAS muss ich einfach Resteemen mein Freund, tolle Geste und hilft dem süßen Mädchen. Es tut gut, jemanden zu helfen der wirklich Hilfe braucht und dadurch eine bessere Zukunft hat.

Vielen dank.

Ja ich hab den ganzen Tag schon ein bescheuertes Lächeln auf dem Gesicht :-)

Well done man! Proud of you!

Thank you! Not all your votes goes straight to beer :-)

Seems not!

A good news story to start the week, great stuff!

Bravo! Making a huge difference!

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