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RE: Drink coffee from poop 💩 ? WEASEL COFFEE Chumphon [ กาแฟขี้ชะมดชุมพร ] Most expensive coffee ?

in #thailand3 years ago

I love coffee
I love being regular. Lol
Don't know that I want to mix the 2 together. Coffee and Poop

So happy to see you on camera again
Super Cool Mo🌷🌷🌷

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Hahaha, the coffee is actually real good! and yes, back in the vlogging game once again. Though, trying to edit all the old videos now so that I can start fresh when start traveling again soon )- the camera man is coming in a few days!

That's cool
I'm glad you are
You really are very good at what you
Tell the camera guy. "SUP"

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Hahaha will do!

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