What's new on Steemit?

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Hello my friends,

Time flies. It happens to be a year. The whole year passed since my first post on Steemit (even a bit more 😉).

I started very enthusiastically, maybe I just had a lot of free time:)

I don't write so often any more.

Tell me what's new. Are there any interesting changes I need to know?) what's going on here? How is Steemit?

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Спасибо за пост в #ru

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Oh plenty

  • Firstly we don't use partiko anymore because the app sucks and has had no update. We've moved onto eSteem app v2.2

  • We now have tokens on the blockchain so you can earn more than just steem by engaging with various communities

  • We have new dapps like 3speak

  • You now get 2 and a half free downvotes to use per day

  • We now have SPS where people can create pitches and get funding for tasks that benefit steem

Plenty going on at the moment :)

Hi there!

What's new? Tribes, tribes and more tribes. The most used generalist tribes are PalNet, Neoxian and Marlians. Then there are a thousand different tribes, more theme-specific.

I suggest you add the tags #palnet, #neoxian and #marlians to your posts and then check your profile in SteemPeak to see your rewards: https://steempeak.com/@tata-natana

After this, you can go to https://steem-engine.com/?p=balances&a=tata-natana to check your balances of the various tokens.

I hope this helps.

Thanks. Just opened steam peak, but couldn't find the information about any rewards. 🤷‍♀️ Where to look for?

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When there are more rewards than just Steem on a post, you'll see something like this:


If you pass the mouse over it, more info appears:


Ничего хорошего в целом, медленно, неспешно идем ко дну.


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How is Steemit? Better than ever!

How is the Thai life treating you? You've been really quiet of late :) still exploring?

Love the green, Tata. Merry Christmas. Steemit is improving a little.

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