4 Thai Herbs Solve indigestion

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For people who have a bowl of pork, various Shabu pans, are familiar with distilled colic food. Due to overeating or dyspepsia often Which some people may find modern medicine to eat, but actually there are many kinds of Thai herbs that have properties in helping digestion, winding, solving various colic These symptoms, if only a little Herbs can help you.     

1.Basil has a carminative effect in food because Fresh leaves relieve stomach pain and reduce intestinal compression. Helps digestion and fats. Good water helps to heal wounds because of food as well. Eating is dried and brewed into tea. Or eating fresh leaves and cooking.
2.Turmeric, turmeric, whether fresh or dry, has properties that help treat gastrointestinal diseases such as colic distension from indigestion. Heal wounds in food because Relieve diarrhea If eating after eating spicy food. To relieve the burning sensation as well.
3. Pepper helps appetite. Treatment of diseases related to basil, food and intestines Reducing gas in food basil helps to relieve colic. Helps stimulate saliva and gastric juice Relieve food poisoning Helps to treat severe diarrhea
4. Peppermint, aromatic herbs Helps expel the intestines and helps digestion. Reduce stomach pain from diarrhea. Reduce intestinal spasms, relieve colic and indigestion, also help reduce bad breath.
In addition to the herbs mentioned above There are also other herbs that can help, such as lemongrass, garlic, ginger, etc. Anyone who does not digest food often try to find it.
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