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พวกเราทำกลุ่มนี้เพราะต้องการขยาย Steemit ทั่วประเทศไทย🇹🇭

Good day to all Steemers! I just want to share a group of mine that I made yesterday. Our quantity is not that kind of high but no one knows when will it be. I made this group because I want Steemit to be known in the country of Thailand. I know that there are a lot of groups here but I want to make something special for the new members in Steemit herein Thailand. 😊
I made this group by the support of #steemunity headed by @bobiecayao
He's a good leader and before I made this group, I asked him and told me to do it by support.

ThaiSteemGroup MISSION:

  • Expand Steemit throughout Thailand.
  • Help new members of Steemit in Thailand.
  • Share ideas.
  • To create content that educates, informs and inspires.
  • Working to achieve goals and equality.
  • To inspire lifelong learning, advance konwledge and strengthen our group.

ThaiSteemGroup VISION:

  • Equality for everyone.
    *To become a better group at connecting people.

So, this is it. The start of the new group in Thailand.

Special thanks to @bobiecayao and to #steemunity. And of course, to

@chiquikate ( from #steemitfamilyph )




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Great job.....kudos

Thanks.. :)


Wow, #thaisteemgroup will soon to rise..keep going @michaelcabiles

Maraming salamat Sir @bobiecayao :)

Just believe in your vision that you will become big and it will happen - with God’s blessing.

Hi! Just learn the alleyways of the SteemIt community and post everyday so you can introduce it to more people. Good luck!

That's what i will do @maxen57
Thank you!😊

Really good project! Keep going

A great project @livemylife
Thank you 😊

Good Job.

Thanks you :)

Wow im looking forward to your success sir .. keep aiming high !! Flyhighthaisteem :)

This post really worth to resteem ..

This is awesome...keep going

Love it. I'll follow you, can you follow me?