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Hello Crypto people!
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Today Tuto Guide; How to Build your own Tezos Node for the active mainnet.


Server Ubuntu 18.04 (2Cores)(8Ram)(120SSD)

ssh [email protected]

screen -S update

apt update

apt upgrade

apt-get install build-essential

apt-get install -y patch unzip make gcc m4 git g++ aspcud bubblewrap curl bzip2 rsync libev-dev libgmp-dev pkg-config libhidapi-dev

dpkg-reconfigure locales 

select (ALL) + (en_US.UTF-8)

Meanwhile is working




Add a new user for the Tezos node

useradd -m -g users -G sudo -s /bin/bash tacoalfa

passwd tacoalfa


Disable root login SSH and change the port 22

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

( i ) for can write the file

Delete # and 22 port, and Root login not.
like the pic

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 21-40-22.png

For safe the file

service ssh restart

Now ....

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 22-06-28.png
Setup Firewall for preventing easy hacker access

ufw status

Status: inactive

ufw default allow outgoing

ufw default deny incoming

ufw default allow 56666

ufw default allow 9732

ufw enable

ufw status

Back to screen and see if the update is finished and exit the screen.

screen -r


If need restarts the server or just close the ssh session.

reboot now

After 2 minutes or so connect again to the server new user new port.

ssh -p 56666 [email protected]

Now let's Install Tezos

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Opam install


sudo mv opam-2.0.0-rc4-x86_64-linux /usr/local/bin/opam

sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/opam

opam init --compiler=4.06.1

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Yes and Yes

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 22-19-25.png

eval $(opam env)

git clone -b mainnet

cd tezos

make build-deps

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 22-20-57.png


eval $(opam env)


./tezos-node identity generate 26.

Generating a new identity... (level: 26.00)

Tezos is finally installed and ready for the run.

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 22-23-54.png

Open new screen for run Tezos node.

screen -S mytezosnode

./tezos-node run --rpc-addr --connections 10

Now the node start to sync the Blockchain from the scratch

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 17-12-15.png

CRTL+A+C (new screen)
CRTL+A+N (switch between screens)

In the new screen

./tezos-client get timestamp

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 22-28-11.png

Last block sync in your node is


when the node is synced the screen with the logs like the pic

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 20-54-31.png

Now can exit the screen session (CRTL + A + D) and back other time ( screen -r), the service is running meanwhile close ssh or lost the connections to the server. Remember for switch between screens (CRTL+A+N)

Well here ok? Congratulations the Tezos node its alive!

Now just relax, XTZ moon is coming.

Screenshot from 2018-09-23 23-00-59.png

Tezos links

Util links


If this was usefull , Tezos tips here ;)


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