Judgement Day Is Coming - Episode 1481b

in text •  last year 

The missing text messages have been found. The cabal pushes their agenda to take control of the narrative of the story regarding the memo, calling it a conspiracy theory, the Russian's did it etc, this will fail.Mueller will speak with Trump under oath to try to catch him in a lie, this is all they have left because there is no Russian collusion.North Korea and South Korea speak of coming together and having peace. The Kurdish people call on Assad to send the Syrian Army to protect Syrian Sovereignty from Turkey. Turkey makes it clear that they won't attack the Syrian Army. Soros pushes the agenda for the cabal (deep state). Saying the world is not headed in the right direction.

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Thank You, Dave. I am listening.

The writing is on the wall. @ironshield

Thanks Dave, my morning news. God I hate the BBC now. They are currently upping the anti-Russian propaganda big style.

Thank post

Thanks for giving us a lot of information by your text.It is a new message.
I always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks @x22report.
@Resteem & follow has done.

It's amazing that despite the memos and the dossier being available to law enforcement that we still haven't heard of any of the people involved being brought up on charges...

Thank You Dave, great reports.

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The walls are closing in now they are cornered.

I love this guy. He is great.