Houston, we have a solution

in #texas2 years ago

Lets pop some champagne, only three gone , a new record

Keep those thoughts and prayers rolling in, just pass the collection plate over the dead

That loud bang you heard, the state of panic...
Thats the sound of freedom,
thatll trigger the libs

You seem jumpy, have some pills
He was aggressive, we had to kill

Thoughts and prayers for texas
Hopes and desirese, but really denial

 Houston we  have a solution, 
 3 dead is a victory, theres no innocence here

His soul was filthy, you saw it
He came here spewed shit and vomit

had a ubiquitus gun, got a bullet instead

Laws didnt stop him , so legalize murder,
The laws didnt stop him, so legalize murder

  Houston, we have a solution

Thoughts and prayers, 3 dead is a victory



Wow, this is a powerful bit of poetry.

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