Can I exchange fiat USD to USDT with app?

in tether •  last year 


I'm looking for the easiest way to exchange fiat currency to krypto. After 24h on Binance I've found that operating on Tether USDT is the easiest way for me to understand what I'm actually doing there. So I have a question - does anyone use Tether Mobile App? Is it possible to exchange fiat to Tether there? I can't find exact answer anywhere but that'd be great solution for me.

If not this - can you recommend any other app to exchange fiat to krypto? Preferably to BTC, LTC, ETH or USDT? Without tones of identification? I spent hours trying to register with gdax, coinbase, kucoin, kraken and poloniex - I'm not a fan of taking a photo of my ID's - no matter what they. I need something easier. I'm not trading big sums - so I don't really care about the limits.

I'd be very grateful for your help.

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