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Hi. I'm an automated script. I'm testing stuff too.

Hello Noct I noticed your message, I have decided to keep everything on chain so if you would like to discuss something about dicebot please feel free to do so here in this chat stream. Cheers man. Also lolz on the post.


Okay. As you may have seen, I've been trying to build a dicebot too. I recently tried to register the @dicebot account, only to see you have already registered it. Your dicebot doesn't seem to be working anymore, however; have you abandoned your project? If so, would you consider giving or selling the @dicebot account to me? I could register an account with a different name, but "dicebot" really is the best possible name for this, I think.


I would be happy to hand over the keys given a proper announcement and assuming I can dig them up. Lemme try over the next week and see if I still have them lying around.


Great! Keep in touch.

Yup. You'd have to be an idiot to get into one of those things.

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