Some Twists in my Steemit understanding.


I’m already tired of being a Steemit prostitute on drugs. I don’t believe in blindly robotic Follow/Upvote exchange anymore. Yes, you gain some followers, but what’s the point? Only organic follower is a worthy follower, the one who is genuinely on to you.
Still, I have a dilemma about this item. I would like to hear your respected opinion. Of course, more followers you have - more people will see your posts on their walls. My question then is: is it more worthy to invest your time in finding 1 real organic follower than in 100 artificial, because latter don't care about your posts no matter if they’ve seen it on their walls?


Commenting on posts is the most underrated aspect of Steemit. Everyone is so focused on blogging. But clever, meaningful comments equally contribute to the quality of this platform. And you can earn money just by commenting, also. Of course, I recommend you to comment only posts you are naturally prone to - that’s the right way for you to become someone’s organic follower. Also, other people attracted by your comments become your real, natural, organic followers this way. Certainly, I don’t recommend posting the following, million times before seen sentences: ‘wow, what a great post!’, ‘fantastic stuff’, ‘cool idea’ etc. Make some more complex meaningful sentence that shows you really read the blog and that you really liked it (or disliked).


In the beginning, I perceived Steemit more as money making platform - less than a social one. Although everybody come here with some expectations about the money, the best way to function is to take that pressure off your shoulders. Simply forget about the money, and as the time goes by money will come logically (of course, if your blogs are worth reading). Behave as much as you can like the money story doesn’t exist. Just be natural and enjoy the Steemit community.

Feel free to completely disagree with my opinion and speak out your objections loudly. Maybe I’ve got something wrong. Help me to improve my attitude!

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---Wow what a great post!!---I follow you you follow me? ----Visit, oops I mean read, my blog and upvote plz thx byeee!!----

That being said, I think Steemit is a great system but to me it also feels a bit like no one is really interested in what you are saying just into getting more followers and steem dollars :( There's like to little people that read and too many people that create though I'm positive that somehow in the future this will change when it'll turn out that mindless commenting and using bots ain't gonna get you anywhere.


I follow you! Like your blogs. I am into philosophy myself although I am raised more in analytic philosophy tradition.

Bad thing is that good posts easily stay underrated also people who want to help community stay undercover.



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I go through the followers and try to follow only those I see some interest in for me. I do not want a bunch of spam on my feed so I keep it real. I also try and treat comments as a chance to learn or share something . Those spammy, thanks for post..or follow for follow is fishing. I would hope that we can discourage these type of behaviors by not rewarding them. RESPECT