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So last year, my resolution was to build up on talents and skills I had acquired and to also make some advancements financially. Towards the end of the year, I realized I hadn't really done so much about any of them. Them steemit came along and gave me all two at once.

I'm Gamsam Paul from Nigeria.
An introvert of the noisy variety. Lol....I'm just noisy around people I'm really close to.

Things I learnt

I joined steemit on the 12th of last month being 12th December, 2017. Before I joined, I knew a little about cryptocurrencies but I had never really given it a serious try. I felt I was late since coins like bitcoin were already pretty expensive.
Joining steemit has made me realize that it isn't too late. In fact, it isn't late at all. It may seem late, but crypto is just on the rise and still rising.
Steemit has opened my eyes to the whole new world I've been missing out on.

Not just in the crypto sense but in a whole lot of other areas.

How I grew

I am now more open to new ideas and knowledge. I have never been more eager to learn. It has made me able to accept all kinds of people from different social backgrounds and with different ideas of life.

Steemit has also increased more foresight. I am now able to see the bigger picture in things and plan ahead

My consistency has increased greatly. When I first joined steemit, I was discouraged with the low outcome in terms of rewards. But after reading some posts from people like @bhoa about steemit, I got motivated. It's only been a month, and I'm glad I continued. I've already started seeing the fruits of my labour.

I also want to thank @ezinwakelvin and @bhoa for introducing me to steemit.
There have also been people here in Nigeria that have been consistent in helping us minnows grow @ejemai & @mustard. Groups like @stach @boostnaija @steem-lagos.
And people outside Nigeria also like @surpassinggoogle @luzcypher @anomadsoul etc.

Also want to appreciate @kus-knee for his amazing contribution to this community. This contest has made me sit down and realize the benefits I've had from steemit so far. I hope to learn more....lot more. I also hope I get more positive adjustments in my life through steemit.

And yes, the income. Steemit is THE bomb. You get paid for doing what you enjoy doing. I know with time, my earnings on steemit will increase greatly.



So when I first joined steemit, which was not too long ago, I never knew it would affect me in a lot of positive ways. Steemit has opened my eyes to a lot of things. Harnessing the power of crypto, decentralizing wealth and making the world better through the blockchain.
I've had a lot of thoughts about this and I've come up with some ideas which over the past few weeks have developed to goals.
Over the past few months, steemit has been gaining grounds in Nigeria. I mean a lot. As far as I know of, there is no online store that offers to sell products and receive Steem or SBD as payments.
My first goal (should be our goal plus my other partners) would be to create an online store that accepts Steem and SBD as payment. With time, we would expand to other Cryptos and pretty soon enough start accepting probably all Cryptos. This might seem impossible, but it is very much achievable.
This would help my immediate community in a lot of ways. It would make people accept crypto more and more. It would create job opportunities for the youth. It would reduce the rate of crime and a whole lot of other benefits.
With time, this can branch out to offline stores and shops that accept crypto payment.
All these seem like alot, but I'm pretty much positive it will be launched before the year goes far. Plans for this have already started to be laid down.


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This was awesome to read my friend. Thanks so much for telling your story!

Thanks @kus-knee
Glad you liked it