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To the moon? xDDDDD

боты рулят / bots rullez

и что за фигня так быстро набирает подписчиков


awesome; i will take you up on that, thanks :)


это показывает как работают боты кураторов


а как они это делают?


Просто лайкат чувака, у которого обычно много бабла за посты.

The test is counted. Bots is working properly)

As soon as someone tags it, by any way, you're fucked.

It's funny how you make money by testing Steem :') Another 3 or 4 test and you can go a free coffee ! I've just started to think how to build my reputation here on Steem, maybe one day, I will also produce free coffee only by testing a script.

Anyway, that was just a quick comment ... feelin' in the mood to share the first thought crossing my mind.

It's an amazing platform, I wish you all the luck and growth in here. Cheers !

'Delete' function or options ? Can we help to check or review this testing?

Why would anybody upvote a test message? Come on, guys. Use your heads.

It was even downvoted by @steempower ...

How can a post with no text receive so many upvotes?
All bots?