What Sam Altman’s Firing Means for the Future of OpenAI - WIRED

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( November 18, 2023; WIRED )

Description: "Sam Altman made OpenAI into a powerhouse by adding a profit-seeking arm to its utopian mission. After the board rejected his vision, the company’s remaining leaders must figure out a new path forward."

Altman’s ouster shows an organization that was meant to align superintelligent AI with humanity failing to align the values of even its own board members and leadership. Adding a profit-seeking component to the nonprofit project turned it into an AI powerhouse. Launching products was supposed to provide not only profits but also opportunities to learn how to better control and develop beneficial AI. Now it’s unclear whether the current leadership thinks that can be done without breaching the project’s original promise to create AGI safely.

Here's another take on the firing of Sam Altman.

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