Dungeons & Dragons Is a Household Name Again - WIRED

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( December 1, 2023; WIRED )

Description: "Thanks to a wildly popular ruleset, a new movie, and celebrity endorsements, Dungeons & Dragons has gone totally mainstream."

Kyle Newman, director of the cult classic Fanboys, recently coauthored the book Lore and Legends: A Visual Celebration of the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game. The book chronicles the astounding success of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset, which launched in 2014.

“This book explores D&D being nearly extinct in the early 2010s, up to now, where you’ve got 50 to 60 million people playing the game and it’s a household name again,” Newman says in Episode 555 of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast. “So how did they go from 2 to 3 million people playing the game to 60?”


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