ChatGPT Is Apparently a Great Surveillance Tool - Gizmodo

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( November 18, 2023; Gizmodo )

Description: "A tech company has transformed the chatbot into a spying tool. Plus: WTF happened to Sam Altman?"

Rory Mir, associate director of community organizing with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said that AI could help law enforcement broaden their surveillance efforts, allowing smaller teams of cops to surveil larger groups with ease. Already, police agencies frequently use fake profiles to embed themselves in online communities; this kind of surveillance has a chilling effect on online speech, Mir said. He added: “The scary thing about stuff like ChatGPT is that they can scale up that kind of operation.” AI can make it “easier for cops to run analysis quicker” on the data they collect during these undercover operations, meaning that “AI tools are [effectively] enabling” online surveillance, he added.


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