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This is a test.

This is a test post to replicate a bug in the condenser I needed to make a post to replicate the issue, so I decided I'd tell you about @sydesjokes' cool faucet that gives me more than the passive income I get from bidbots and other services which I delegated 10SP each. The faucet is easy, you just have to upvote his daily faucet post and drop a joke or a motivational quote in the comments. Go try it out and see if it's something you would want.

See screenies below.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hmmm. Yea. Doing this also. :) you knew it too...@sydesjokes page is really something and interesting to visit everyday because of his daily post that you can earn in upvoting,by comments or by resteem or winning into his contest ot just following his post

Thanks! I'll join all of them hopefully I get lucky! Thanks for dropping by. Followed.

This faucet has been running for a good few months, never fails to make payouts to those who visit.

Take a look at by visiting their site, a quick sign up and you too could be earning additional earnings in SUP #SuperiorCoin

Win, Win situation by joining Kryptonia you share your content back to Steemit by offering tasks, paying in SUP for upvotes in Steemit to earn more Steem/SBD

@sydesjokes also offers a way to get going even quicker (over and above the free SUP you will receive when joining) trading your Steem/SBD for SUP here - click image to link....

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Thanks! I'll check this one out and yeah I think I'll get hooked to sydesjokes.

I am always dropping a comment there.. hehe :) :)

Yeiey! I hope it always works until the end of time. Ahahaha!

Gracias men, por el apoyo y la información.

De nada. Thanks for dropping by!

Aqui estoy de nuevo siguiendote como siempre.