TEST POST: SteemSmarter: Community Activity Report for June 24th 2018

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Community Activity Report: Winner #steemstem / June 24th 2018

SteemSmarter Daily Community Activity Winners

Each day we award and rank the top performing tags across the Steem ecosystem in terms of community activity. Find which tags are your best opportunity to connect to your community!

If a tag has a high community activity score, then the community has a active and healthy balance of posts, comments, and votes. Writing relevant and quality content about these tags could result in more rewards and engagement for your posts.

Daily Leaders

Today's Community Activity Leader: #steemstem

Community Activity Winner

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Short Sci-Fi Story - Sky People (ENGLISH/TURKISH)muratkbesiroglu#fiction #story #writing #blog #tr461

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Short Sci-Fi Story - Sky People (ENGLISH/TURKISH)muratkbesiroglu#fiction #story #writing #blog #tr1563

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Community Activity Leaderboard

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