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@adm is man-slaughter terminator robot

killing human accounts in Steem.

Who is your owner ?

Hey you fuckhead. Saw you flagged my bitconnect post. Get ready for war you Fucking twat


only users steemcleaners say can post promotional content
this account steemcleaners voting account


I feel your pain, this piece of shit has attacked one of my posts...



I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @yash0108

excuse me :(

good friend

FUCK YOU. Run around and upvote steemitcleaners without any idea what the HUMAN posted. FUCK YOU. Bots and whale egos will KILL steemit.

@adm before you power down, give me powerfull upvote....



Very Good Post

Disculpe @adm apenas estoy entendiendo de que setrata steemit, estoy aprendiendo, saludo, le dejo este post ariginal, espero observaciones

Why you downvoted my Post ?? please Upvoted all my post please @adm

adm please remove flag i will pay you please