Tesla plans to build the town

in tesla •  3 years ago

  Tesla Town is going to be built near Melbourne. The mini-city erected private houses with solar panels on the roofs and batteries Tesla Powerwall inside. 

Total build about 60 houses of this type. The cottages can be purchased already for the next week, but one cost will range from 1,4 to 2, 1 million.  

 It is planned that the area will grow to an area of ​​over 16 hectares, which is 2.5 thousand "green houses". Each of the houses will also be charging for electric cars, service "technical concierge" capabilities and high-speed internet. The town of Tesla has been dubbed the "construction of the century."  

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This is something I've always hoped would come to fruition - totally sustainable eco housing- shame more contructions can't be like this ...???cost i guess