0.0446 TESLA stock purchased at $444.59 for a total of 0.047 TESLA Stock on CashApp. Total Invested since Dec 17 2020: $20 Total Gain $16.97

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0.0446 Tesla stock purchased at $444.59 identifier v61e1af via https://Cash.app




Popular Ark Invest Article on Tesla price Target


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This is not Financial Advice. Although you are free to make buy orders, No one can buy or sell TESLA Stock pegged token on Steem-Engine since none have been placed on sale. It is for educational and Demonstrative Purposes only. Maybe one day after legal council, and if legal, a system could be established where users could request to make a purchase of tesla Stock, and send BTC or BTCP + 1%, which I would then sell on @cashapp for fiat to buy Tesla Stock with. Corresponding amount of TESLA token would be issued and sent to the steem user. if user wanted to request a sale of their tesla pegged token, we could accept the TESLA token, sell that amount of TSLA stock on the cashapp and then buy BTC with the proceeds to withdraw to a BTC address in the memo of this Stock Sell Order. If this is unacceptable we may instead allow the market to set the price for the un redeemable token. I would like to see if we can have a public account anyone could see.

If you have any questions or concerns we will be happy to oblige. This is an experiment Fin tech demo and we want to ensure no Financial Instruments are sold without proper KYC procedures. EOS Worbli could become an option along with other possible steem-engine providers. This project is not associated with steem-engine team in any way, only uses their public side chain technology.

Make Bids for the TESLA STock pegged Token

Telos Liquidity Pool requires Telos SMart Contract but is available for this token project if it passes review by custodians of the Telos Blockchain Bancor liquidity pool and would guarantee the price of this token for as much as is issued using a predetermined liquidity pool which would account for a price change into the $15,000 target range. (To explain "where the money would come from" if TESLA price went up, Users who would want to sell the telos tesla token would also be able to sell other telos / steem users wishing to invest in the stock pegged token at the higher price. ) Steem based Market maker Bot can be deployed using this tool by ubg


Elon musk is slowly taking over the world. Love the guy

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