The NEW 2020 Tesla Roadster is here!

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Hey guys!

Tesla has just released the new Roadster and Semi.
In this post I want to talk about the new Roadster!

Tesla Roadster main picture

What's a "Roadster"?

The Roadster is a new electric vehicle from the car manufacturer Tesla.
It's a convertible sports car with the worlds fastest acceleration of a production car ever.

Tesla Roadster convertible

What's special?

The time it needs to go from 0-60mph is only 1.9 seconds!
Compared to its big brother the Model S P100D it's 0.7 seconds faster!

It also has got a very futuristic design.
For example, the steering wheel isn't a wheel anymore!
Tesla Roadster steering wheel

The typical Tesla display is still there and curved in the middle of the two front seats.
Tesla Roadster display

Even tho it is a convertible, it still easily fits four people inside!


A big question of you may be, "how fast is it??" and the answer is: 250+mph! That's over 400km/h.
Now you might say that the range of it must be very bad. But it isn't!
Tesla said that the highway range of this car is more than 620miles! Thats about 1000km!
This car is just insane with the torque of 10.000NM!

Tesla Roadster dust

Release and price

It will be released in 2020.

Base model

You can now place a reservation for the base model for $50.000.
When you finally buy it, you still have to pay $200.000 to get the car.
So you pay about $250.000 for the base model.

Founders Series model

If you want a Founders Series Model, the reservation costs $250.000.
The final price is $250.00 again.
So a Founders Series car costs $500.000!

I love the new Tesla roadster but it's a bit expensive i think..

You can get more Infos about the Roadster here:

All of the pictures were taken from:

I hope you liked this post and I'd be happy to get some feedback :)

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