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Decided to go to the Borgata today to play a poker tournament.


One of the amazing thing with my new EV car is that driving there basically only cost me tolls. Charging the car is almost free at home in my garage ans when I get there they charge up the car for free as well.

On the way there i can read and watch content I would normally do at home, while being completely oblivious to traffic and other annoying things that stress people out when they drive.

I love it.

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Nice man what was the buyin for the poker tournament?
I have only ever been to the Borgata one time and it was to play the Spring Poker Open or w/e they call it. I played a $450 buyin tournamet (the biggest at that point in my life) and lasted for 6 1/2 hours.

I got pocket aces three times and lost twice :-/ I did play my best for being a complete noobie back then however and I was pretty proud of getting that deep in the tourney.

It was 400 + 50. They have a summer open going on.

Good Luck on the tournament!

I'm starting to feel jealous of your car... I love Tesla...

Or you could play poker on the way 😉

Yep. I like playing live though

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How did you do in the tournament ?

I played a micro Omaha hi/lo game today and some NL Holdem cash.