The issue with my Tesla

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Tesla has a nice feature that makes your phone the key to your vehicle.

It works via Bluetooth so any time you approach the car its just open and by the time you are inside all systems are running and you can take off.

The problem this generates is I tend to just forget my keys in the car all the time.

So today I ended up on the way to my house in an ICE car. After having left my Tesla which I took to get the ice car, I felt like I must have missed aomething.

I hd my wallet, my ipad, my phone my ear pods but the house keys are still in the Tesla.


I had to go to someone who hs a copy of my keys just to get i to the house.

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First world problems 😂

Would love a Tesla, - which model do you have?

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  ·  last month (edited)

Yea for sure! I got the basic Model 3. Litterally the cheapest Tesla there is to buy. I did add FSD.

Without reading I would say your issue is your Tesla being too good that you can't enjoy everything...

I almost got it right, the car is changing the way you do things... "too good"!
It´s just a matter of time until you get the habit of it and find a different way to remember your keys.

I think the next step is to get rid of house keys

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