Thank you Tesla!

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Most things Tesla does makes me happy as a customer as well as a shareholder.

Today is another example like that.

I have a cheap Model 3. It lacks very few things but one is the ability to see live traffic on the maps.

I always wondered why I cannot just pay for the extra service and make Tesla a little more revenue.

Et voila:

This shows the power of Tesla. First off I know that anything useful that can be implemented will eventually come. Sentry mode is an example and many other little things.

As a shareholder I am happy to know that Tesla has created another revenue stream.



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I would like to drive a Tesla one day...

Next car, just get one. There won‘t be much that is any cheaper

One thing that is so under-appreciated about EVs is how the fact that the vehicle is more or less a giant piece of electronic and digital hardware make it so easy to push updates that would otherwise require replacing dashboard parts etc. And Tesla makes this even better by having most of its tech inhouse to ensure compatibility, where traditional manufacturers would depend on subcontractors to make such improvements for them. Tesla really is the Apple of the car industry.

Yea. I won‘t be able to drive anything wlse because of it

Cool! I heard rumours that they started a tesla community on the running beta version of Steem Hivemind communities but didn't check it out yet..

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Cool i‘d def like to join

Smart move by them.

I would love to see you using the caraoke feature - will we see a video? :)


Smart move. Most people don't think twice about their subscriptions. Once it's set they leave it in place.

On a somewhat related topic, Elon Musk is mimicking his process of building cars affordable to all with government incentives happening in China. The company's earnings would magnify if Musk can do what he did in USA if he did it in China.
Link to story:

Seems like tesla knows what customer need ; )

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