Tesla killers

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It is widely believed or claimed by the media that Tesla killers are coming out of the woods.

Generally they consider luxury car makers as well as other successful car brands to step in here

Reality however shows a different picture


The so called Tesla killers have no shot against Tesla. Personally I believe no high end car can compete with Tesla at this point. Battery efficiency (cost) and charging options are the biggest issue as well as range.

Basically you won’t be able to use your car without the Tesla Superchargers ans when spending as much as for the luxury car, that wont be acceptable.


The real Tesla killers are the chinese manufactures. These are ultra cheap cars that will demand proper share in the most important market for EVs in the world


This is all from here:

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After seeing the title I jumped in to mention the Chinese EVs. You have already beaten me to it. Today I saw one of my favorite YouTube channels do a documentary with a Tesla and it was amazing:

It's one of the best YouTube channels for education. Check out some of his other videos too.

Thanks. Ill check it out

The family enjoyed a test drive last week and is in the front running to be our next car!

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bmw can do it with its sports series but they are still lacking

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