Tesla also dominating the stock market

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Tesla also moved 6% today, which is quite significant for a stock of this size without any major news.

Tesla Stock has had a quite the roller coaster ride in 2019.


It came from a top, lost about 50% of its value only to double up and end up right where it started.

It will be interesting to see if the ATH will be broken, which in my mind would trigger a massive run to the next level of the stock.

This run will be triggered by short covering as well as the realization of investors how much Tesla will dominate the car market.

Something like FSD becoming closer to reality will also change the way people will evaluate the stock.

Therefore how the stock behaves around 400 will be quite interesting.

What is weird is how the media has recently changed its tune. That is often a sure sign for a top.


Tesla is very much focusing on the Chinese market now.
They already have one of their "super factories" there and will build another one.
Tesla cars will be about 20% cheaper in China than in e.g. the USofA.
They want to expand their market share in China massively and I'm sure they will succeed!
That might be the reason why investors buy Tesla shares now. They see Telsa having success in one of the biggest markets of the world.


Dear @knircky

If this change has definitely favored the company.
In addition to being a very solid company that in one way or another gives guarantee for its products that creates confidence in people in addition to good publicity which makes one want to have any Tesla product, then that is transferred to their actions and Our friend Elon Musk is aware of that.


The daily chart with higher lows and higher highs is sure looking good. I can not believe this stock was in the 180s not so long ago, like ~6-8 months ago. To see it more than double since means the company is on a clear path to prosperity. Sky is the limit once ATH is reached and agree shorts will get burned. Just look at the daily gap ups on big volume to me shows a lot of interest in Telsa. Congrats on your investment.

tesla on the move in every part that's really cool from investor point of view

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